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Nova Metatail (also known as Nova Tenshi, Nova Desmodus, and Nova Desmodus Metatail; born June 29, 1989) is a wolf and as of a recent realization, a vampire bat furry/therian. Zhe was born female, but identifies as "gender fluid", meaning that zhe is sometimes male, sometimes female, and sometimes somewhere in between. Nova leans, however, slightly toward male.

Nova's Origins[edit]

Nova, while growing up, was teased by other children quite freqently. Due to zher affinity for animals, Cher, the supernatural, musicals, and anything out of the ordinary, as well as zher diagnoses, bipolar, ADHD, and probable Asperger's syndrome, zhe felt very different. Eventually, Nova turned inside, rather than to others, and went many years without much long-term social contact.

Nova in the Fandom[edit]

Nova entered the therian community at the age of fourteen, and the furry community at sixteen. Zhe met Samii Tiger at age 18 through pounced, and dated her briefly, but upon the realization that neither were quite compatable, zhe broke up with her. Nova, around this time, withdrew for a bit, but later came back to the "group" that Samii was in, and became an accepted member. Nova later turned to PosiCat, and dated him briefly, but did not fall for him. When the relationship ended, their friendship continued, and grew quite strong. Zhe now "rooms" with PosiCat.

Zhe changed fursonas quite often in the beginning, but later realized that zhe is a wolf. Nova remained a wolf until recently when zhe found that zhe had always had a connection to bats, and even felt like one. More soul-searching led zher to find that zhe had always seen zherself in scyring (an open eyed meditation) as a vampire bat. Other signs included zher love for rainforests, and the tropics, zher love for caves, zher need to fly, collecting anything bat themed and zher feeling "rodent-like".

Nova is also a "Silverwing" (show and trilogy) fanatic.

Nova Online[edit]

Nova is the administrator of both the The Plushie Love Forum and TAC Furries. Zhe has a LiveJournal account, but generally keeps it private.

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