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Matthias Struck, also known as Reyneke im Nebelgewand and Nova Fox, is a furry writer who lives in Berlin-Spandau, Germany.[1][2] His fursona is a gray fox kitsune.[1] He is an engineer of computer science and a furry writer. He was born on January the 6th, 1981 in Berlin, Germany, where he grew up. Fascinated by technology all his life, the first word he could ever speak was "Auto" meaning "car" in German, and with the life goal to become a coder, he attented the Beuth School of Applied Sciences after graduating from his ten months of basic military service in the year 2001. On the 11th of October 2011 he finally graduated and, due to the fact that Berlin is not a good place for engineers anymore, very soon found work in and moved to Wuerzburg, Germany.[citation needed] However, as he had to switch jobs not too long ago, another move further south might be right ahead.[citation needed]


Matthias began writing in the year 2000, after reading the stories of Ken Stone.[3] After a few Tenchi Muyo fan fictions, which he is glad nobody ever read, he developed his writing skills under the guidance of other German furry authors, including Wer-Kater, Terralux, Yarrek, Helge "Tyger" Lange and Mryia Jackalope. His writing is influenced by his career and his fascination with technology and its possibilities in general, but also by the social aspects of technologial evolution. As a writer he enjoys universes that are thought out well, like the universes in the works presented by Stanislav Lem or Isaac Asmiov, but also, since he is an avid fan of webcomics, Mark Stanley and Scott Kellogg.

Matthias is a member of the Furry Writers' Guild and has published some stories, which are: "Freihändler", "Suzannes erster Überfall", "Freitag, der dreizehnte", "Icon - die Fähe" and "Fyodor" (all published in FurFiction, a collection of German anthropomorphic stories once published by Tyger, but today published by Pattarchus Stormwind). "Schwarze Barden - Teil Eins: Spots" appeared in the Furry Fandom Magazine, another small German fanzine published by Brogon.

Also he can be commissioned as a writer, but so far nobody has dared to take him up on that offer.


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