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NotFurNet (fuzzi.es)
NFNLogo.pngFuzzi.es logo
Subject Furry
Server irc.Fuzzi.es
Operator(s) Fae'liin M'taali, Keyla
Status Defunct
Ran from/to 2008 - 2017

Fuzzi.es, formerly known as NotFurNet (aka NFN), is a small furry-oriented IRC network targeted towards those who prefer an environment somewhat different from either Anthrochat or FurNet.

Network statement and history[edit]

Priding itself in its focus on user-harmony rather than traditional network management, the Fuzzi.es network seeks to foster a mature environment for its denizens to mingle within while also keeping a balance between operator involvement and user autonomy. The network originated from the mutual technological interests of Fae'liin M'taali and Keyla when, after extensive deliberation, it was discovered that neither party completely enjoyed the then-recent climate shifts on the Anthrochat and FurNet networks. Desiring something more inviting and wishing to offer something to the furry community at large, they merged resources and NotFurNet was born as it exists now.

The roster of servers initially changed somewhat regularly while the network worked toward stable geographic distribution, and was summarily reduced to present size as the infrastructure was more than adequate to bear its base of users.

History and Timeline[edit]

  • Autumn 2008: Fae'liin M'taali creates first node (naughtyfoxkitty.notfurnet.com) as a private gathering due to dissatisfaction with the management styles of other furry IRC networks.
  • Summer 2009: Official opening of NotFurNet as an IRC community. A second node owned by Keyla is added to the network to foster greater geographic coverage and expand the user capacity of the network. A partnership is formed with the now-defunct FurSpace community and a third node linked to the network as frostedbutts.notfurnet.com to assist the network in coping with the sudden influx of FurSpace users.
  • Winter 2009: Due to connectivity issues arising from relocation, network services are transferred from naughtyfoxkitty.notfurnet.com to whiteforest.notfurnet.com, which is renamed wolf.notfurnet.com for the convenience of the users.
  • Winter 2010: FurSpace and frostedbutts.notfurnet.com splits from the network due to differing administrative needs.
  • Spring 2011: basementcat.notfurnet.com is introduced to the network to take the place of frostedbutts, as many FurSpace users remain after the split.
  • Autumn 2011: The NotFurNet forum is opened to the general population, previously having been for staff-user only. goocat.notfurnet.com, owned by Tamber, is linked into the network.
  • Winter 2011': foxsky.notfurnet.com is added to the network, administrated by Kyriin. A ticketing system is opened for users to submit questions, comments, issues, and suggestions.
  • Spring 2012': The network changes its name to fuzzi.es after the staff and users agree that the original name could cause confusion among users or other networks, specifically FurNet.
  • Spring 2017: Network defunct, only wolf.fuzzi.es, goocat.fuzzi.es, and slave.fuzzi.es remaining at this point. These remaining servers gradually shut-down since.


  • Fae'liin M'taali, IRC handle Fae`liin_M`taali (Cofounder). Server: naughtyfoxkitty.fuzzi.es.
  • Keyla (Cofounder). Server: fuzzi.es.
  • Mr Wolf, IRC handle MrWolf (Network administrator). Server: wolf.fuzzi.es.
  • Tamber (Server administrator). Server: goocat.fuzzi.es.
  • Novu Ferret, IRC handle Novu_Ferret (Global operator). Server: wolf.fuzzi.es.
  • Kyriin (Server administrator). Server: foxsky.fuzzi.es.

Network features[edit]

In addition to the standard features of most furry networks such as SSL-encrypted connections, host-cloaking, and "vHost" availability, Fuzzi.es has implemented many other services for the convenience and utility of its user base. Additionally, users of the network are encouraged to give suggestions to the network staff for new features and policies as needs arise.

  • Personalized SWHOIS support (an additional line that can be added to one's /whois to give information, make a witty statement, etc.) for all users, not only members of staff. This feature is currently being adapted for use in a web-based profiling system.
  • Support for multiple "true" founders of one channel, as opposed to the limited access provided by the ChanServ "IDENTIFY" function.
  • IPv6 Connectivity to all nodes on the network.
  • BNC and network-branded email services for donating users, each with a wealth of available enhancements available.

Connection options[edit]

  • All servers are listening on the standard IRC port of 6667. Please note that as Fuzzi.es encourages users to use SSL, this port is slated to be closed in favor of offering SSL-encrypted connections only.
  • All servers have SSL/TLS support on port 6697, though the certificates are self-signed and are therefore reported as "invalid" by most IRC clients. These are slated to be replaced by Fae'liin M'taali once logistics have been accounted for.

Current Server List[edit]

Address Host Owner Staff Location Status
foxcat.fuzzi.es notfurnet.com Fae'liin M'taali Fae'liin M'taali, Ryft Darkpaw Mesa, Arizona, USA Online
wolf.fuzzi.es nilcat.com Keyla Mr Wolf, Keyla, Novu Ferret Midwestern USA Online
goocat.fuzzi.es furryhelix.co.uk Tamber Tamber UK Online
foxsky.fuzzi.es auric.kyri.in Kyriin Kyriin Roubaix, France Online

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