Norwegian Dragonkin Gathering

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Norwegian Dragonkin Gathering
Location Norway
Status Ongoing
First iteration June 2010
Organizer(s) * Etath
* NearToTheSky
Subject Otherkin
Resources Photos, videos, reports: Norwegian Dragonkin Gathering resources

The Norwegian Dragonkin Gathering is a small otherkin gathering in Norway.


The meet is geared towards "dragonkin and friends of dragonkin" and has been held five times since 2015. The first gathering took place in 2010 and the first three events were free to attend. While it is described as a gathering for dragonkin, furries have been attending the event as well.

The event lasts for a week and includes food, bed, necessary entrance tickets, and transportation between the event location and the airport.



Norwegian Dragonkin Gathering 2016 is scheduled for June 18-26.[1] After an initial meetup in Oslo, the event will take place in Hemsedal, Buskerud.[1]


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