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The NorthernFurs was a large group of furs that lived in the northern region of the United Kingdom. It was created in late 2000 and disbanded in early 2013[1].

The region classified as being under NorthernFurs control spanned the north of England from the Mersey and the Welsh borders in the west, up to the East Ridings and the Humber in the east. This area is now covered by separate meet groups: LeedsFurs (Leeds), MancFurs (Manchester),ScouseFurs (Liverpool), SheffieldFurs (Sheffield) and TyneFurs (Newcastle).

The NorthernFurs hold regular furmeets each month in different cities across the region. Currently with a schedule to visit each of its six major cities twice a year. As of 2009, these alternate between East and West, going to Chester, York, Liverpool, Leeds, Manchester and Sheffield in that order. There are also semi-regular spiritual meets where the theme is connected more to exploring the spiritual side of furry rather than the social aspect. Smaller mini-meets and/or coffee meets are also held in other cities across the North. Based on attendance, the most popular meet is in Manchester with over 150 reported attendees[citation needed], attracting furs from around the country. Sheffield being the second-biggest city, with around 100+ attendees.

NorthernFurs' IRC channel was #northukfurs. The group switched to the #northernfurs IRC channel (on the FurNet IRC network) due to "unresolvable issues with the ownership of" #northukfurs[2] in early 2008.


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