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North is a fursuiter and puppeteer from Seattle, Washington, USA. His fursona is an Arctic wolf. He is an enthusiast of the furry fandom, motor sports, mountaineering, aviation, space flight, wine, food. He cooks and bartends.

His fursuit, North Puppy, is a Great Dane puppy and was self-built in 2005. North Puppy's character is bouncy, affectionate, silly, a little dopey and sometimes mischievous. He has appeared at Conifur Northwest, Howloween, Further Confusion, Furry Weekend Atlanta, Anthrocon, Midwest FurFest, Megaplex, Furry Connection North, various Elliott's Live Events and RainFurrest.

He was the director of Con Ops at RainFurrest 2007, co-chair for RainFurrest 2008, and will be (was?) Chair for RainFurrest 2009.

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