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Dragon Prosthetic Makeup
Dolphin Prosthetic Muzzle
Tiger Prosthetic Makeup

NorthFur FX & Mascots is a fursuit and special effects makeup production company located in Toronto, Ontario. The owners/operators are Jason "SuperJay" Harrison and Mark "Kippofur" Plozzer.

Founded in February of 2000, they have grown over the years to amass a large selection of latex and foam latex animal prosthetics and masks covering many species. Currently with over 55 base animal prosthetics to choose from, they continue to create more every few months. They have also expanded to include ears, tails, hands, feet, hoods and many other fursuit related items made of fake furs and latex.

They typically attend on two conventions a year, Anime North and Anthrocon.

They accept commissions for full costumes, sleepers, heads & masks and any other fur and latex related items and are always willing to hear suggestions for new prosthetics.

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