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NormandiFurs logo

NormandiFurs or Association Furry Normande is a registered[1] social organization based in Bernières-Sur-Mer, France founded on July 27, 2019. The purpose is to organize furry conventions such as FurCalvaDance and other furmeets and furry fandom events in Normandy.[2]


As of March 2021, the organization has approximately 60 members.[2] Membership is open to all who wish to apply, regardless of nationality.


NormandiFurs banner displaying Léo the leopard.

The mascot of NormandiFurs is a male leopard named Léo. Léo's reference sheet was drawn by Shonen_Dork. The official Léo fursuit was made by Luuna The Cult and Sacha Wakanda.[3]

Events organized by NormandiFurs[edit]


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