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Noodlescoop (real name Kevin Allen Richards, born January 16, 1993),[citation needed] is a fursuiter who lives in Renton, Washington, USA.


In November 2017, Kevin Richards was charged with one count of felony animal cruelty in the first degree, one count of unlawful imprisonment, one count of assault of the second degree, one count of extortion, one order of assault, and four counts of violating a protection order which NachoDoggo had against Richards.[1] Both Richards and Cupid the Deer were arrested and arraigned on similar charges. Richards and NachoDoggo had been in a relationship in the past, but at this point, they had broken up.[2]

According to the indictment, Cupid the Deer recorded a video sexually abusing NachoDoggo's service dog, which had been posted on the Internet and sent to NachoDoggo.

When NachoDoggo confronted Cupid the Deer and Richards, they threatened "to kill her", according to the incident report.[3]

On March 29, 2019, Richards accepted a plea bargain, pleading guilty to felony animal cruelty in the first degree and one count violating a protection order while the other charges were dropped. As a result, instead of being sentenced to prison, he was given a suspended sentence and probation based on court records.[4][5]


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