Non Sequitur

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A furry-themed Non Sequitur gag panel

Non Sequitur is an online and print comic by Wiley Miller created in 1991. Created as a single-panel gag cartoon, it later obtained its current multi-panel format with recurring characters, with occasional gag panels still appearing time to time, quite often furry-related or furry-themed.


Danae — Young, pre-adolescent girl with a pessimistic view of the world, often employed in the strip for satirical purposes.

Lucy — An obviously sentient Pygmy Clydesdale horse who, like Hobbes the tiger from Calvin and Hobbes, plays the silent observer most of the time. Lucy was taken from a horse riding camp after Danae attended the riding camp and met her.

Kate — More optimistic sister of Danae. Often used as a foil to Danae in how their personalities and view of the world differ.

Petey — A dog of humble origins, he has found his way to Kate's ownership.

Joe — A radio talk show host, the often-bewildered father of Danae and Kate.

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