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nothing comes naturally (or nocona) is a Canadian furry sci-fi webcomic, written by C. Casso and P. Maloney, and drawn by P. Maloney. It started on June 2, 2006.

nocona is meant to be a Canadian sitcom, produced by Canadian Comic Broadcasting. According to its entry on the comic genesis wiki, it is "about a group of misfits and their attempts, often disastrous, to face reality head-on and give it a noogie."

On July 25, 2010, it was announced the webcomic would be going on an indefinite hiatus;[1] the most recent comic was posted July 28, 2010.[2]


Logo of the comic

Each season revolves around the four main characters, played by four actors.

  • Cerine Skunk (Cerine A. Mephit) - A skunk, and a scientist, who often thinks that she can help a situation if she gets involved, but it never does.
  • Fred Rabbit (Robert J. Snow) - A snowshoe hare, who is loyal, but cynical. An expert in computers with a creative mind, he will often rescue the others from a tricky situation, and in his spare time finds new ways of making coffee.
  • Corasyn (Nicholas Diwij) - A weasel from an advanced civilization, it is magenta, has difficulty understanding other cultures, talks strangely, and its intentions are unclear. Most people ignore him.


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