No Parking Web Comic

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No Parking Web Comic
Author(s) John Sheehan
Update schedule Monday, Wednesday and Friday
Launch date March 13 2006
End Date Continuing
Genre Comedy
Censor PG button.png

No Parking Web Comic, started in 2006, is a webcomic about the crazy animals that inhabit the Chaney Wild Life Park. The comic has been political since its start, often lampooning public figures.


  • Amanda Sommers is the young park ranger who is supposed to keep the crazy animals in line.
  • Barney Duck is an anarchist duck. He ran for president in 2008.
  • Pax Rabbit is a hippy rabbit and Secretary of Weird Science for the Obama administration.
  • James T Kaat was a stray cat who pretended to be the Park's cop, to the point of wearing a police hat everywhere. He exploded under strange circumstances in 2008. Some strips since then have cast doubt as to whether he is dead or not.
  • Penny Gravely is the goth pre-teen ranger cadet. She takes care of a baby bird named Lovecraft that calls her Mama.
  • Mouse is a mouse who talks to God, and God answers her.
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