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NoMoreWords (born November, 1993) is a fursuiter and furry artist from Finland.[1] His fursonas are a saltwater crocodile and an Atlantic Puffin, both of which have personal symbolic meanings.

NoMoreWords is also part of the Turkish furries group.


Most of NoMoreWords' artwork is done digitally, since he does not care to use a scanner. He enjoys drawing birds, reptilians, aquatic mammals, dinosaurs, and dragons. His art is mostly homoerotic, depicting characters ranging from feral to anthro.

Street Art[edit]

Graffiti and stencil art are well-loved hobbies of NMW, but, for security reasons, he does not post his street art online. He is mostly seen bombing around Helsinki, Hämeenlinna, and Tampere.


NoMoreWords makes his own fursuits, and, as of October, 2012, has made five partials and one fullsuit. The suit he favors most is his Atlantic Puffin, Mr. Lundi.

NMW has also helped his friends to make their suits, including a male lion.


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