Nip and Tuck

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Nip and Tuck
Author(s) Ralph Hayes, Jr.
Update schedule Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays
Launch date October 2000
End Date Ongoing
Genre Fantasy
Censor PG button.png

Nip and Tuck is a webcomic created by Ralph Hayes, Jr., not to be confused with the FX television drama Nip/Tuck. The strip is largely episodic in nature, though the length of each particular storyline varies greatly.


The comic follows the adventures of a pair of rural foxes called Nip and Tuck Todd, twin fox brothers from Malarkey County, an unspecified location in the southern United States. They are the central characters in a continuing comic strip that revolves around them, their friends and their adventures.


Other characters include Tagger, a mischievous, intelligent and business minded ten-year old beaver, Lucy and Roy Todd (Nip and Tuck's parents), Gus Gunthrie (as much of a villain as the strip has, he's a boorish, drunken jerk), Pop Otto and the Pop's Auto Girls (three beautiful women cut from the Daisy Duke cloth), Big Malarkey (the Malarkey County lake monster), Thelma Possum (Tuck's girlfriend), Lil Bit (cute little bunny girl, out of the MANY brood children of Mr. & Mrs. Lapine), Schlep (the Arabic camel owner of the local Speedy Mart), Gus (not to be confused with Gus Gunthrie, is an old codger of a turtle) and other characters who pop in (sometimes commissioned by patrons).


Arguably the most political of Ralph Hayes Junior's three strips (the other two being Tales of the Questor and Goblin Hollow), much of the strip is imbibed with the author's political views as an American Conservative. The strip also contains much to demolish the traditional stereotypes of Southern rural folk, often containing jokes at the expense of liberals and Democrats, personified in this strip by Gilly Gopher, the resident village idiot.


Pop's Auto Girls are the tootsweet terrific trio, in Malarkey County, who work for Pop Otto, at the Pop's Auto service station, in Ralph Hayes, Jr.'s Nip and Tuck comics. Among them is Janine the mouse, Beebee the bunny-rabbit, and Sasha the squirrel.

Originally, the P.A.G.'s appeared as odd sideshows from one N&T storyline, involving a guest-crossover with the Funday Pawpet Show, when they had a ball cuddling with TempFerret! Since then, Janine, Beebee, and Sasha have more frequently appeared as many wanted to see more of them! And why not when country life isn't complete without gals who really affiliate with roadside services.

Service never could've been sweeter as these three gorgeous gals are always on their toes for pumping gas or car-works!. The lineup of Pop's Auto Girls has changed many times over the years that Pop's station has been in operation. Lucy Todd, mother of Nip and Tuck, is a former Pop's Auto Girl.

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