Ninja High School Version 2

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Ninja High School Version 2 (sometimes called V2, NHS V2, or Ninja High School V2) was a 12 issue mini-series created, written, and illustrated by Ben Dunn. It was meant as a side track during a lull in the main Ninja High School series production. Specifically, it was more of a distraction so Ben Dunn could update the NHS timeline before continuing the main series. This sub series follows Ichi, one of the primary NHS characters, and several main characters from NHS as Ichi gets sent to Hawaii to attend school, and the comedy that follows as she tries to get by in a school full of slackers, goofballs, bullies, and jerks.


Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

  • The comedy mentioned was demonstrated when Ichi was told to take the bridge to get to school. This bridge was ludicrously long and the climb to the actual school itself was worse. When she finally arrived, some students asked her why she was there so late and busted out in laughter when she told them. Their answer to her confusion was a question on why she didn't know about the ferry that would take the students directly to the school's front gate in less than ten minutes.
  • The students in one of Ichi's classes had an iron grip on the class itself, through being a bully and a jerk by using blackmail to keep the teacher meek and scared to do her job, thus allowing the students to slack off and do whatever they want. That is, at least, until Ichi showed up.
  • In subsequent issues, the bully whom Ichi usurped to let the class be taught normally returns several times to play a personal war game with Ichi via practical jokes. One such joke took place in the ladies locker room after gym class.
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