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Ninja Wulf or NinjaMonkey(812) in the furry community) is a gray wolf furry from Long Island, New York, U.S.A.

NinjaWulf's furry activities range from watching The Lion King to digitally drawing anthros. He loves music in the metal genre, like hardcore, heavy, and nu metal. He occasionally likes some techno by Basshunter and Draft Punk. He plays guitar and is pretty handy with a sword (or two).

The name change[edit]

NinjaWulf used to be known as NinjaMonkey online, and sometimes still is. He changed his name to Ninja Wulf when someone asked if he wanted to have his fursona drawn. He realized, "Wait... I don't have one!", and after some hard thinking he decided that he wasn't satisifed with having his fursona be a monkey. Instead, he chose a wolf, and it fit his personality a lot better.


NinjaWulf has made a small selection of videos on an account on YouTube and fan videos on


NinjaWulf plays a wide variety of games. His favorites are platform games like the Mario series, RPGs like Morrowind and Oblivion, skate games like the Tony Hawk series, and MMOs.

NinjaWulf is known as World of Warcraft as Wulf of Gul'dan, Second Life as NinjaWulf Karu, and THUG 2 as NinjaWulf.

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