Niles de Boer

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Niles de Boer is a character from Blue Forest by K. M. Hirosaki.

Niles is a Mongoose in his late 20's, and he is a resident of Blue Forest, where he works as a foreman for a construction company that is affiliated with the Duhamel Corporation in the construction of the Duhamel Building.

Despite his current profession, Niles actually earned a degree in Astrophysics from Fieldway University. Due to the lack of viable work in and around Blue Forest, however, he entered his current line of work out of necessity, and has yet to find his way out of it.

He lives with and is romantically involved with Dijit Chicory, a student at Guangzhao-MacArthur College. Dijit's school life has given Niles cause to rethink his career options, and he is currently aiming to enroll in Spanfront University to continue his education.

Niles is a fan of older science fiction shows and movies, which he collects. He also frequents Spinning Disk and other nightclubs.

Blue Forest by K.M. Hirosaki