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Clairvoyance is a group of artists from 2ch. They are best known for the animations Nightmare City and Nightmare City Catastrophe.

Nightmare City is about the 2ch cats and their fight as they try to escape the Nightmare City, a dream in which the characters are really subjects in an elaborate "dream linkage" experiment. As the characters die in the dream, their corresponding subjects die in real life. It is set to 403 Forbiddena’s "Southern Cross". There is an easter egg, that reveals the truth behind the dream. To access it, one must play entire animation to the end, then keep clicking on the sidebar until CONTROL is highlighted, hold space and click PLAY. Clairvoyance released an international (English) version recently. Nightmare City Catastrophe, the sequel, continues the story of the cats up until the eventual release from the dream, symbolized by the destruction of the Nightmare City. It is set to 403 Forbiddena’s "Northern Lights".

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