Nightlife (novel)

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Nightlife is a horror novel by Brian Hodge. Drug dealers import a strange hallucinogen from Venezuela but neglect warnings by the native shamans that only the strong can handle the effects. "Skullflush" hits the nightclubs of Florida and a bloodbath ensues as it warps people into carnivorous beasts.

This book may feature the only known instance of a were-piranha. Other characters transform into jaguars and wolves.

The book was published by Dell Abyss in 1991 as a paperback. The now defunct Abyss line was focused on "cutting edge psychological horror"[citation needed] and was intended for mature readers. Nightlife pushed the boundaries of that mature category to the limit as it features graphic sex, graphic violence, drug use, cannibalism, torture, eating foetuses, and snuff sex.

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