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Night Shift is a anthropomorphic webcomic about a group of police officers. It is written and drawn by Cindy Ramey, aka Aerokat, and available at her website (POECATcomix). It updates regularly once a week.

The History of Night Shift[edit]

Night Shift was created in 1991 by Cindy (Muncy) Ramey, although it was not called Night Shift until 1998. It was formerly known as CK Agents, with CK being the initials for Carter Kenrick (a character from the comic) who at first was the leader of the group. Janie (Dutton) Lemaster contributed to the comic in 1991, helping with the plot and creating two characters whose names are Roxy Ann Drake and Jack Howard.

Throughout the years different subjects, including COPS, Dog City, Batman, X-men, Forever Knight and Law & Order, influenced the creation of new characters in the Night Shift world.

The Plot[edit]

The story is set in New York City in the late 1990s. Night Shift is about the special agent crew that works the night shift for the New York Police Dept. The night shift crew deals with many crimes in the city. Their major enemies are the Big Claws Gang. The Big Claw is the secret leader that keeps an army of skilled thieves, smugglers, and assassins under his wing to do his dirty work.

The Night Shift crew consists of seven main characters with conflicting personalities. These are two bikers, a smart mouthed Italian, one over-achiever, a generous nice guy, a pushy speak-whats-on-her-mind girl from the hood, and a vampire who's just trying to be normal.

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