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NightFox (prefers being called Лис (Fox) for short) is a Ukrainian Arctic fox contherianthrope. NightFox is an administrator of the Russian WikiFur and a former co-adminstrator of the project.

NightFox joined the furry fandom in approximately 2004. Later, he discovered that therianthropy suits him better. He is asocial, misanthropical, secretive and not (or selectively) sociable. Despite that, he frequents AnthroChat and Freenode IRC networks. He stands against natural fur, fur farms and hunting.


NightFox has attended Rusfurence (2013), WUFF (2013-2016), Eurofurence 22, as well as some other furmeets. Since 2014, NightFox has been a member of WUFF's tech team.


For a hobby, NightFox plays electric guitar. He is a web designer and a programmer.

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