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Nidonocu, born June 1985 in Kent, is a British furry, MUSH Wizard, WikiFur Administrator and puppeteer who lives in Stafford in the United Kingdom.

As a transformation fan, he has a number of forms, but his most well known fursona is a "Poison-Bunny", an amalgamation between the Pokémon species of Nidoking and a rabbit. He has a number of other forms including his original anthro Nidoking-morph, Platypus, Swamp Dragon, Parrot Gryphon and robotic dragon.

Nidonocu is a staff member for ConFuzzled and co-writes the UK PawPet show performed yearly at ConFuzzled, he also performs in the show as the voice and main puppeteer of Sir William Bellicose, the thespian goat.


Nidonocu found the furry community via his involvement as a player on the Pokémorph MUSH, a pokémorph themed MU* which he joined in November of 2001. There he met a number of players who were also furries and it was with the help of Battie then that he developed his own original species and character in early 2002 and began to learn more about the wider furry community.

In 2003 he moved north from Worcester to Sheffield to attend university and began to attend a number of furmeets arranged by the NorthernFurs group, at the first of which he met his still present mate, Nanaki Firelight. From then in 2004 he moved from student housing to live with FurbleFox and helped to host a number of House parties for birthday's and new year celebrations, some of which totalled over 30 guests thanks to the size of their accommodation which was a former pub. During this year, he also competed in National Novel Writing Month for the first time.

Towards the end of 2005 he joined WikiFur in late autumn after some initial scepticism that the idea would ever work and was soon bumped up to being an Administrator for helping to create a number of templates for the site, organisational structure and discussions on site policy. In 2006 Nidonocu and Furble moved to a smaller home but were also joined by Nanaki and Wolfie Fox, it was during this time he gave ideas and helped in discussions that led to Furble founding ConFuzzled, Nidonocu signing up officially as the 7th attendee. Towards the end of this year, he also scaled back his involvement with WikiFur, remaining an administrator but in what he considers a semi-retired state.

Mid-2007, he and Nanaki moved again to join another friend in another part of Sheffield, during this year he finally competed and finally won NaNoWriMo, writing a 50,000+ word novel Terminating Signals, in the month of November. He also became fairly involved as preparations for the first ConFuzzled began before finally attending it in June of 2008 as his first furry convention as well as being staff. For this he performed a number of roles, including acting as a general gopher, helping to run the gaming events and taking part as a contestant in stage event, Call My Fluff. He had also been charged with coding an information display system for the event, however was unable to get the application to remain stable at the convention. In August, he was also given a Wizard role at the Pokémorph MUSH following an extensive interviewing process, where his roles now include general player help, taking Suggestions and developing TinyPlots. Towards the end of 2008, he began to work with Utlah and Fairlight on writing the script first UK PawPet show.

Most recently in 2009, he performed as Bellicose, along with sharing other non-speaking roles and acting as a props wrangler on the first PawPets UK show at ConFuzzled 2009, The Great James Mountbatten-Windsor's Magnificent Zoological Extravaganza (or The Mancunian Play). He also during the convention worked again as general gopher and ran the various video game events and co-chaired the Writing Workshop.

Other interests[edit]

Outside of furry, Nidonocu enjoys video games, especially Halo 3 and Pokémon. He also enjoys coding in C#, writing, occasionally drawing and consuming large amounts of tea.

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