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N.T. Crotser also known as Desmond Fox, SweettheSour or Ni2 is an American is a freelance illustrator, and cartoonist as well as an Amiga and Linux enthusiast currently living in Creve Coeur, Illinois with his wife CyianceFiction.

Fandom involvement[edit]

N.T. is the creator of the webcomic ‘’Clan Rikier’’, and the characters John Rikier, Ambrosia Hale, FiFi Carter, Koniko Richter, and Sammantha Movera, among others. His fursona is a orange and white Red Fox usually wearing semi-formal clothing or an early 25th-century Starfleet uniform.

Radio Free Housepets![edit]

He co-created Radio Free Housepets! (then Housepets! Radio) with David Cramer in 2011. Though he and David both left the show in 2012, he still played a role in most of the operations of RFHP!, from site upkeep to episode production until January 2013 when the podcast went on indefinite hiatus.


Most of his characters are built upon complex geometric shapes. His art style is influenced by the works of Tim Burton, David Hopkins, John K., and Jhonen Vasquez. He is fond of Art Deco, Retro-futurism, Science Fiction, and Surrealism, and many of his original works feature his artistic preferences.

Popular Characters[edit]

Ambrosia Hale - A red furred anthropomorphic female cat. Promiscuous and self proclaimed "alt-girl". Ambrosia has appeared as a herm on several occasions.

FiFi Carter - A brown anthropomorphic female bat with large pink hair with an affinity for battle with supernatural creatures.

Koniko Richter - A black and white anthropomorphic female husky, usually wearing a blue sleeveless top, a skirt, and pink legwarmers.

Major projects[edit]

Little House on the Ring (Comic 2003-2005), A Halo: Combat Evolved based parody underground-comic.

Sam and Molly (Comic 2005-2009), Comedy based underground-comic that follows the lives of Sam, a male anthropomorphic cat and Molly, a female anthropomorphic fox/cat hybrid.

Law of the Stars (Comic 2009), Science Fiction underground-comic about a futuristic space war between anthropomorphic creatures and human beings. No complete copies are known to exist.

Harvest: Bloodmoon (Short Story 2009), fantasy/adventure story about a band of anthropomorphic adventurers on a quest to steal an item of untold power from a cruel dictator who would use the item to conquer the world. Set in medieval times. No copies are known to exist.

Red-Rocket, NV (Webcomic 2009-2010), Comedy based around two anthropomorphic dogs running a radio station. Set in a post-apocalyptic rural Nevada.

Clan Rikier (Webcomic 2017-), Webcomic focused on the life of an anthropomorphic dog "John Rikier", his friends and family. Set in late 1980's Mid-Western America.

Radio Free Housepets! (Podcast 2011-2012) Podcast focused on anthropomorphic webcomics, with an emphasis on Rick Griffin's Housepets!.

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