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Nexus' fursuit

Nexus, also known as PepperedFolf (born July 2, 2002), is a fursuiter and TikToker from Ohio, USA.

Fandom involvemnet[edit]

Nexus has been in the furry fandom for about five years, while posting furry related media on his Tiktok page since February of 2021.


Nexus's fursona is a light blue Folf (fox/wolf hybrid) with baby blue, light green, and neon green accents.


Nexus has one fursuit for his main fursona. His head is made by Salty Shampoo, his paws and tail by MistyRivers Creations.

Convention attendance[edit]


Nexus has been making furry content on TikTok since 2021, mostly using popular sounds or referencing current trends, with 31.4K followers.

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