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June 29, 2006

Not only is Animal Passions (, ) a surprisingly fair article covering Anthrocon 2006[1]- we actually got a quote in there, referenced from the What is Furry? page! I knew those 15 minutes I spent talking to a reporter wouldn't be wasted . . .

A fursona need not correspond to a person’s attire at a furry event. As described by WikiFur (, a WikiPedia-like online encyclopedia, “[S]omeone who says they are a Furry is expressing an interest in anthropomorphic animals and/or creatures. How deep or meaningful that interest is varies greatly from person to person. Also, the breadth of a person’s interest in the fandom, and what ultimately makes them Furry, is specific to each individual.”

[and yes, they got the URL wrong - fortunately the Wikia admins are on the ball and had a redirect in minutes after I mentioned it]

I think this calls for some celebration. Warm fuzzies all round! :-) --GreenReaper(talk)


  1. Animal Passions - scanned pages with pictures Melissa Meinzer, Pittsburgh City Paper (June 29, 2006)