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November 1, 2005

WikiFur contributor Douglas Muth (better known as Giza in the furry fandom) had a neat idea - since we've got all these pages about people, why not record their deaths and births? Well, we gave it a go, and with the help of a little template magic from Wikipedia we had a surprisingly neat record of births and deaths by year in under an hour!

You can easily add articles to the list just by adding a category tag to them:

  • [[Category:1982 births]] (or, for deaths, [[Category:1954 deaths]])

If that turns out to be a red link to an empty category page, please click it and put this in the category page:

  • {{birthyr|198|2}} (or {{deathyr|195|4}})

We later expanded the idea to cover non-people, too, so feel free to put your favourite conventions, chat room or publications in as well! --GreenReaper(talk)