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July 1, 2007
Pick up your free badge from the WikiFur dealer's table!

The world's largest furry convention is less than a week away, and WikiFur will be there in a big way. We hope you'll join us and help get the word out!

This year WikiFur has its very own table (B13) in the Dealers' Room. Most of our administrators will be working for Anthrocon at least part of the time, though, so we need your help staffing it. If you've got a free hour or two and want to help introduce others to WikiFur, please let us know when you might be available.

On Friday night, we're holding the WikiFur Meetup. This is the best chance you'll have all year to talk in person with other contributors - don't worry, we don't bite! The party starts at 8PM, though some AC staff members may come in at 9. Check the message board (under W) for the room number, and don't forget to bring your official Anthrocon badge. Attendees will recieve light refreshments and a free mystery gift!

Of course, there'll be plenty of WikiFur members out in the corridors, too - but they can be hard to identify, so we decided to help by providing each and every contributor with a free badge. You can pick up your badge with sturdy top-loading holder and elastic neck-cord from the WikiFur table - or grab me on Thursday (I'll be at ops from 12-2PM and 6-9PM, heading off after that to see Furry Tales). As a bonus, the holder is a full 4"x3", so you can use the reverse to display any badges you pick up at the con, too. Wear it with pride!

If you take any photos during the con, please consider uploading them under a free license and adding them to Category:Anthrocon 2007 photographs. We'd also love to have links to your videos, photo galleries and con reports at the Anthrocon section of our list of furry convention resources. And, if you feel like doing a bit of live reporting, don't forget that WikiFur News is there. I'll be roving the halls with my camcorder, but I could sure do with some help. See you there! --GreenReaper(talk)