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November 24, 2005

I was lucky enough to be able to attend Midwest FurFest 2005 last weekend, along with several of our contributors. Duncan da Husky was instrumental in this, as he not only printed out the leaflets I helped to distribute at the con, but also advised me on a good overflow hotel - and all while getting the MFF registration setup!

Midwest FurFest

If you're one of those who I talked with at the convention, or just picked up a leaflet, welcome! Be sure to check out our the Community Central for more information, and don't miss our featured articles and the Did you know? page. If you didn't manage to get to MFF this year, you could read my con report and see how things turned out, including more about WikiFur's reception. If you're in the general area, I strongly advise you to consider going next year - I'm glad I did!

Did you know? If you register for MFF 2006 before December, it costs $25 (standard) or $100 (sponsor) vs $30/$120. Online registration is available.

As an aside, we have recently added Google Analytics support to the website. If you're interesting in knowing how people get to this site, where they go, and much more besides, grab a google account of some sort (Gmail, for example) and let me know so I can add you. There may be a short delay, as they've currently disabled additions while they add capacity, but I'll be sure to get you on there when they come back. The other statistics remain operational. --GreenReaper(talk)