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September 4, 2007

Source: Nihaler

Love was in the air at Mephit Furmeet 2007 as furries Butterscotch Vixen and Spectra Vixen joined paws in matrimony in a pawfasting ceremony held September 1, 2007 at 2PM, officiated by convention chairman Tyger Cowboy.[1]

The 17-minute long ceremony, written by DaliWolf, was open to their friends; who, in the handfasting tradition, came forward to bless the union by laying cords across the couple's wrists.

Several such ceremonies have taken place at a furry conventions. One of the earliest, in 1994, was the marriage of Jim and Rebekah Groat at ConFurence 5. Anthrocon gets so many requests that it now declines them.[2]


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