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March 8, 2008

Organizers today opened registration for British furry event RBW 2008, which this year runs from 27-30 November and is based at the Royal National Hotel in the heart of London[1]

One of the main events of the weekend will be the traditional night-time boat trip along the River Thames. While previous years featured live acts on board, this year the trip will be restricted to music, conversation and sightseeing.[2]

The Main Event and Dance Hall at the Royal National has a capacity of around 400 people, and this year's boat, the Erasmus, can hold 310 people over its three floors.[2] Last year, 242 attended.

RBW 2008 offers four different levels of registration, ranging in price from £55 (around US$110, or €70) to £150 (around US$300, or €195).[3]


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