News:Frozen Oasis returns to Anthrocon

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July 4, 2007
The Frozen Oasis XI poster

The Frozen Oasis is planning to make a splash at Anthrocon 2007 this Friday, with a three-room suite reserved for the late-night rave.[1][2] The party specializes in drum and bass music, but has also featured synthpop and electronic body music.[3]

Whatever's playing, it's certainly popular. At least 200 furs attended on Frozen Oasis' first night at Further Confusion 2007, and more than 150 on the second, with estimates ranging to over double these figures.[4] More recently, the party drew 94 at Morphicon 2007 - over a third of the convention's 245 attendees.[5]

Part of the attraction may be the booze, though the party also offers multi-coloured lei and glow sticks to lighten the mood. Most conventions have their own official dances, but alcohol is rarely available - definitely not the case here, where alcohol consumption is measured in tens of gallons. Mindful of the damage to their reputation posed by underage drinking, conventions tend to require their members to check ID for entry to such parties. The Frozen Oasis advertises a strict policy of 21-and-over, as allowing individuals aged 18 and over to enter without drinking proved unworkable.

This is not Frozen Oasis' first visit to Anthrocon. Last year's party was forced to close around 50 minutes after it started by the Dorsai - Anthrocon's security staff - who reportedly threatened to remove con badges from partygoers unless it was shut down.[6][7][8] Convention chairman Uncle Kage also suggested that the party move to a suite in next door's Courtyard, so they would not be inadvertently associated with Anthrocon.[8]

News:Frozen Oasis returns to Anthrocon
There was an awful lot of miscommunication, rumors, hurt feelings, and emotional responses in public forums out of last years party by everyone involved ... The whole idea behind [Frozen Oasis] is to enhance cons and for people to have a good safe time and not make trouble for anyone.--Soron[2]
News:Frozen Oasis returns to Anthrocon

The hotel complicated the situation by offering to rent out portions of the Allegheny ballroom - used by Anthrocon for The Zoo and other programming - when asked for "space" next year.[8] Soron turned this offer down, and through close coordination with Anthrocon con ops the party was able to return in its current form.[2]


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