News:'Entourage' portrays furry erotica

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July 30, 2007
Turtle gets used to his costume

US premium television network HBO's original series Entourage addressed the topic of furry erotica this Sunday with an episode entitled The Day Fuckers.

One of three story threads involves lead characters Vincent "Vince" Chase (a movie star) and his brother Johnny "Drama" Chase make a $5,000 bet that leads to Vince's best friend and manager Eric competing with driver/gopher "Turtle" for sex.[1]

Drama finds a woman called Kelsey for Turtle on Craigslist who claims to have been a prom queen. They meet Kelsey, who appears as described, and tells Turtle to pick up an item of clothing from a dry-cleaning store and meet her at her home at 9PM.

News:'Entourage' portrays furry erotica
Turtle: "So, uh, what kind of fantasies are we gonna be fulfilling?" -- Kelsey: "You'll find out later."
News:'Entourage' portrays furry erotica

Turtle arrives to find that he is picking up a "pink bunny costume" - effectively, a fursuit. While Turtle was unaware of the suit's significance, Drama displayed prior knowledge of furry fetishes.

News:'Entourage' portrays furry erotica
Turtle: "What the fuck's a furry?" -- Drama: "Someone who wants to fuck you like a stuffed animal."
News:'Entourage' portrays furry erotica
Drama and Kelsey doggy style (click thumbnail symbol on right to reveal)

Turtle refuses to have sex with Kelsey, which leads to Drama rushing off into the bushes with the bunny suit. Turtle later peeks through the window, only to see Drama having sex with Kelsey doggy style, accompanied by her muffled squeaking and the dull thwap of his padded paw upon her buttocks.

The show has so far received mixed but fairly positive reviews from Entourage fans - some view it as the "best episode" in the season, while others quipped that the series had finally "jumped the bunny".[2] Furry fans were predictably concerned about the show's possible impact on their reputation.[3]

The plot's concept originated in the presence of a bunny costume at a photoshoot for the Comic-Con episode two years ago, with the perception of furry as a fetish coming from story editor and producer Ally Musika.[4]


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