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This article is about the comic by Jay Naylor and should not be confused with the similarly named New World comic by Scott Clements and Robert Maupin.
New Worlds
Author(s) Jay Naylor
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New Worlds is a comic written and illustrated by Jay Naylor. The primary setting for the storyline mimics that of the early to mid seagoing eras.


New Worlds has three main characters. They are as follows.

  • James Roark is an ambitious young captain in the Confederate navy and has been decorated on several occasions. He was given command of the CSS Red Fang, a Confederate class heavy frigate. Roark earned much of his reputation in the naval battle of Fortaleza between the Hierarchy and Confederacy when he led a group of frigates through the Hierarchy's men-of-war, causing severe damage and turning the tide of the battle. This alone should have given Roark the promotion to commodore, but Josephine Gerard's turn to piracy has prevented this from happening since Roark and Gerard are former lovers, and the Confederacy is unsure of Roark's devotions.
  • Josephine Gerard is a Confederate officer turned pillaging pirate. She is also the only female captain in the series so far. She turned to piracy because the Confederacy struck an armistice with the Hierarchy, their former enemies in war. Currently she captains the Elusive, a Confederate class heavy frigate that was commandeered from the Confederacy and given the pirate flag. However, Josephine vehemently denies pirating for self gain, citing that she isn't a true pirate.
  • Jupiter Danneger is a commodore in the Hierarchy fleet in command of the HWS Wolf, the fleet's aging flagship. He was denied promotion and/or advancement because of the recent capture of his father on charges of sedition. He is tasked with locating and capturing the Elusive out in the distant seas, where the Hierarchy believes his sullied name will be far enough from them to not be as much a painful eyesore. Even then, Jupiter strives to live down the traitorous reputation his father's acts has given the Danneger name.

Chapter Summaries[edit]

The first three chapters are introduction stories for the main characters.

  • Chapter 1 "Josephine Gerard"
  • Chapter 2 "Commodore Jupiter Danneger"
  • Chapter 3 "Captain James Roark"

The fourth chapter, "Lovers' Quarrel", deals with James Roark's hunt for Josephine's ship and how each views their relationship.

Side Stories[edit]

  • Mercedes & The Wolf is an adult side story that takes place during Chapter 2. This concerns how Jupiter Daggener got into the Bounding Bunny, an inn and a brothel, in the first place.

Future of the Story[edit]

Naylor has ended continuing the story in its comic form, but has plans to eventually change it to an illistrated novel in the future.

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