New World Awaiting

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New World Awaiting is a shared story universe, in which all 'normal' humans are gone, and furries and otherkin (in their ideal form) have to cope with being the only living things left on planet Earth. It created by the Bluefish Thespian Society and the Punday Night Warriors, both groups of Tapestries regulars.

New World Awaiting is a varied setting. To date, everyone has created their own stories for their fursonas, which means that from a common beginning, every story has a different writing style, length, and overall topic. In fact, the very nature of the world changes between stories; one describes it the result of a supernatural war between the Christian god and the deities of other religions, while another describes it as a natural 'fracturing' of Earth into different groups that occurs whenever Earth becomes overpopulated.

The 'official' beginning of the setting is June X, 1997, although this has varied in later stories. There are about twenty 'official' stories and numerous 'unofficial' ones.

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