New Dawn

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New Dawn
Author(s) Carman Brons
Update schedule Wednedays and Sundays
Launch date June 2008
End Date Continuing
Genre Adventure Drama
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New Dawn is an SCI-fi/fantasy webcomic created, written, and drawn by Carman Brons. It originally began in 2001 as a high school comicstrip called Joanna. In 2007 it got changed into its modern day look for a final at art school and in 2008 it became a webcomic.

The comic is set in a futuristic world, where the animal kingdoms have taken an evolutionary step forward and Mammals have taken on anthropomorphic traits. The humans and “Mamens” have lived beside each other for year but not necessarily peacefully.

The little town of Dawn has always been a safe haven for both humans and mamens alike. It’s buried deep in a forest and can only be found by those who need it; at least that’s how it use to be. Because of conflict from the outside world the forest has been diminishing, making it easier to find. Fears from the inside have been closing off many of the gates that were supposed to be open. At this rate, Dawn runs the risk of either being destroyed from the outside or locked from the inside. In order for Dawn to not be lost, it needs to change. Some of the younger generation might be who bring about this change, but first they have some growing up to do.

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