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Never, also known as Mai (Italian for "never" ), Reven, "Never, Prince of Cats", or the shaman Never Floof of the five rings is a furry crafter who lives in Central Florida, USA.[1] He often uses a one-eyed cat emoticon ^o.+^.

Never is co-owner, and lead crafter at Save Never Studios, which opened on August 23, 2012, after Never experienced his first furry convention (Megaplex XI).

Sometime around November, 2012 (approximately, as the early shows were lost or never recorded), Never started a web cast titled The Never Show. The Never Show used to air every Wednesday, but for its second season moved to Thursday from 6:15 pm to 8:30 pm EST. As of December, 2013, the show is celebrating its first year anniversary, and fourth season of broadcasting.


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