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Nes-fan's fursona
Nes-fan's art style

Nes-fan, also known as Nintendo-fan, Pixel, and Designer in Sandals (real name Jorge Enrique Hawkins Lopez, born February 7, 1995,)[1] is a Mexican traditional artist, musician, programmer and voice actor who lives in Mexicali, Baja California, Mexico.[2]


Nes-fan has lived most of his life in Mexico until he moved to the US at the age of 9. Nes-fan suffers from Paranoid schizophrenia.

He is a Information Systems technician, programmer and an amateur musician, playing the MIDI keyboard and the recorder.

He administrates a Tumblr account, Draw A Cute Me, whose purpose is so people can ask for commissions, and to help people who needs to feel loved.[clarify]

Fandom involvement[edit]

At the age of 13, Nes-fan joined the furry community via deviantART. In his first Devia account, he used to a watcher, without uploading any kind of content. On his later one, under the handle Nes-fan, he started to draw and illustrate, using programs like GIMP and SAI.

Nes-fan works with the GameMaker platform and the Unreal Engine, to develop furry video games.


Nes-fan has one character and three fursonas, representing the phases of his mental disorder:


Nes-fan has been drawing since 2011, almost always working in digital media. Although his older style was more anatomically correct, his current style is more cute and more detailed, adding shadows and smooth outlining, as well as better picture edition overall. Also he loves, anime, cartoons and video games, thus inspiring his style a lot.


Nes-fan current project, Kart Melee GP, is a racing-RPG game developed in the GameMaker platform. The game started as a part of a minigame in a RPG, then the form of a Mario Kart fan-game, and finally, its own identity.[clarify]

The cast includes some of his friends, and artists like Sarah Wilson. The game had the same sprite style as Super Mario Kart from Super Nintendo, but Nes-fan decided to work with low-poly 3D models instead.


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