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Neox (born July 19th, 1988) is a furry who lives in The Burrows, a furry house located in Ferny Grove, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. The only times Neox acts non-furry are around his family , who live on the Gold Coast, or at work where he is an apprentice plumber.


Neox's fursona is a male anthropomorphic furry Island fox.


Neox was born in Manly, Sydney and, during his school years, lived in New South Wales around the Northern Beaches.

Neox joined the furry fandom in the year 2000, but it was only in December 2006, when he moved to Brisbane, that he was able to physically meet other furs. He is now a member of the local furry group (the Brisfurs) and is living with Foxo, Kibawolf, Jakkal and Moreth.


Neox is a part-time furry artist and occasionally draws. He is also a heavy browser of the VCL and fchan archives.

Neox also enjoys going to raves, particularly the ones held in Sydney, Australia. He likes Hardcore music and artists Hixxy and Scott Brown.

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