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NeonBunny performing.
NeonBunny fursuit with lights.

NeonBunny is an event producer, DJ, and fursuiter who lives in the San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA. He lives with his boyfriend Skibit since 2003, whom he met at his first furry convention. He works as a freelance graphic designer.

Fandom involvement[edit]

As an event producer, NeonBunny organizes monthly the furry dance party, Frolic. He is also involved in BunnyJam, a large Easter-themed costume party in San Francisco with connections to the Burning Man community, including the San Francisco counterculture Bohemian subculture, which ran from 2001-2010.


As a fursuiter, NeonBunny has a full fursuit with the body made by himself, and two different fursuit heads, one made by Arend Studios, and one made by Chairo. The fursuit is made to incorporate color changing LED lights, which can be set to strobe with music. One of the fursuit heads has built in headphones, making it so that he can easily DJ in full fursuit.

He also has a number of opened faced fursuits which which he will occasionally wear.


As a DJ, NeonBunny has been performing since 2001, playing at most of the nightclubs in San Francisco, and many underground and warehouse parties. With a very diverse taste in music, and ability to adapt to many different scenes, NeonBunny DJ's regularly at many nightclubs, street festivals, and raves. He has been a member of a number of dj collectives, production crews, street festivals, and events over the years in the San Francisco Bay Area.

His main music tastes have House music that incorporates elements of other styles. NeonBunny also publishes a monthly podcast titled The NeonBunny Experience, which can be subscribed to on Apple's iTunes.

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