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Neofelis Communications is an all-volunteer video production group owned and operated by Cheetah. Neocomm (the official shortened name of the organization) provided video services for Anthrocon from 2003 through 2009, as well as Midwest FurFest in 2001 and 2005. Additionally, they have produced multiple professional wedding videos in a variety of venues, from a full Catholic ceremony in a historic cathedral, to a renaissance event (in full garb) in a forest preserve just outside Chicago.


Neocomm currently has seven active Senior Staff who participate in all event planning, in addition to the dozens of volunteers who have assisted at conventions and other operations in years past. The Senior Staff consists of:


The heart of Neofelis' operation is a former satellite uplink truck that is now outfitted as a full mobile television production studio. Officially referred to as "Unit 1", this is a 26 foot Chevy C-60 straight body truck equipped to support a full six-camera live production including operator positions for Shading/Engineering, Director, Technical Director, Audio/Tape Engineer, and Chyron operator. An additional bench seat is available for observers.

With the varied technical background of the staff, Neocomm also provides technology support services to conventions and fan organizations. They have worked with projects including wired and wireless intercom systems, digital multi-track recording, amateur radio repeater and antenna design, and demo reels for performers.