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Nemo Live at IYC, 2011
DJ Nemo at his DJ station.

DJ Nemo (d. December 31, 2017), known as Nemoen Magne on Second Life, was a trance/hardstyle DJ who lived in Maine, USA.[1] His fursona was a Qwhilla.

Second Life[edit]

DJ Nemo owned Club Furnication on Second Life, where he also DJed, until October 2, 2017, when the club was indefinitely closed.

Nemo mixed two sets a week PST 11:00pm-2:00am Saturdays and Sundays at the International Yiff Center.[2]


On December 31, 2017, at around 10pm, Nemo passed away from life-threatening pneumonia.[3][4]

He is survived by his mate Asher Ninetails, his family and his friends.


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