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Neko2 has been making sketchbooks since 1995 and has been selling them at furry conventions since 2004. The sketchbooks are made primarily from old library and vintage educational books. Some of the features include elastic closure, smooth paper, bleed proof sheet and an open-able secure bind.

Recent additions to the lineup are spiral coil bound books with cardstock covers from discarded movie covers filled with 100% recycled paper. Back in 2002, before selling them to the public, a limited offer was made on the VCL forum in trade for artwork. It was not overly successful and soon discontinued due to non recriprication.

The earliest continued customer and proponent of the sketchbooks is Razerz who has sold them on Neko2's behalf at at least one furry convention.

Neko2 used to draw but hasn't updated with artwork in years but some remains up at VCL.

Most recently Neko2 (as NekoHeavyIndustries) was selling sketchbooks and lamination at FCN 2009 in the dealers den.

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