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Neelix is a Newfoundland husky mix breed living in Texas, U.S.A. He is a furry artist who specializes in traditional and digital art, although not much of his traditional work is revealed. Fairly new to the world of furry art as he joined his first furry art community (Fur affinity) on November 8th, 2009. Neelix joined his second furry art community (So furry) on 19 Jan, 2011 and he is in the process of importing his gallery to Ink bunny.

The look Neelix breed was thought up by his creator after meeting his friends therapy dog who is also a Newfoundland husky mix. Neelix has gone through a change over the years primarily in his face. What used to be white is now off white. His dark grey and medium grey have also been lightened.

Origin of his name Neelix acquired his name not from star trek but from a small corgi collie mix named Neelix on pet finder.