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Neco Kat (or Neco Lupino, having taken her mate's last name) is the fursona of Nicole Butters, a freelance author, artist, and fursuit maker. Since joining the furry community around 2003, Nicole has enjoyed the diversity of the fandom and though she plays a variety of different characters, her self-termed "personal character" is Neco Kat. Nicole is married to Luke Butters who plays Neco Kat's mate, Khyle Lupino.

Nicole currently writes and draws for her deviantART page and was active as a roleplayer on Furry-Within prior to it's recent demise. A rare few pieces of her work can be found on her Fur Affinity page. She is also an avid gamer - usually of the roleplaying type - and has an addiction to buying dice.

Recently Nicole has begun to branch into a new vein of creativity; making fursuit ears, tails and handpaws. Examples of her work can be found on either her deviantART page or her Fur Affinity page. She is currently open for commissions and her pre-made sets can be found on FurBid from time to time. Additionally Nicole has added various forms of plushies to her list of creations, and these can be bought by commission as well. Presently Nicole is looking into taking the next step in making fursuits and hopes to be able to produce full partials for commission by summer 2010 at the latest. Updates to this can be found on her fursuit oriented deviantART page.

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