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necco conbadge by Reddie.
Necco by Pico.

Necco can be found in #Nonfurs, #deaddog!, and #theden IRC channels on Anthrochat.

Necco and the Loup[edit]

Necco and the Loup is a musical project by Necco. The name does not imply one person and a support band, it is a singular title. The mission is to combine elements of popular music with an experiment edge to create a fun and unique sound using classical and modern instrumentation. While on record it is mostly solo recorded with regards to instruments and vocals (with the exception of violin and other strings) the live unit consists 5-6 persons using various instruments.

It has been classified as "otherkin rock" and "therian metal", but while a few songs deal with furry related concepts, most of the music is unrelated to the fandom itself. "Necco and the Loup" have four main record releases on New England music label, Aqualae Records (Here Comes the Carpet [2001], Subtle Variations on a Reccuring Theme [2002], Endsville is Burning [2004], and Androscoggin [2005]) and several singles, eps and 12"s

Reputation in the community and faking suicide[edit]

Necco dated Floe for a period of several months, ending in her moving on from the relationship in early 2008. After this breakup, Necco revealed (involuntarily after a friend ordered a background check) that his entire furry persona and his entire personality, both in and out of character, were entirely fabricated. His friends did not take this well. The downward spiral of his social life continued, culminating in him faking his own death to get his ex-girlfriend's attention. Necco attempted to explain the event through a LiveJournal entry mirrored here, but Nothingkat, who reposted the entry, did not buy the explanation. It is unknown if he will continue to participate in the furry community further after these events.

In September 2008, Necco moved to Arkansas and for a time lived with White Wolf. He moved out after various financial issues mounted up.

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