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A Nazi fur

Nazi Furs (sometimes spelled Nazifurs), is a furry community who harbor an interest in WWII era social/political paramilitary Germany.


Their first solid presence was through the establishment of a LiveJournal community in March of 2005. The community became the first unified group of furs specifically interested in the history of Nazi Germany and the Third Reich. According to the community's founder, (Banalheart), the intended purpose of the community was to be an umbrella community encompassing the varied interests of individual furs within the specific topic. This was intended to include, but not be limited to, reenacting, uniform fetish, military history and tactics, and anthropomorphic art set during WWII. As of January 2017, the community had 337 posts, 2034 comments, and 105 members.[1]


The Nazi Furs' LiveJournal community states that they seek to further the understanding of Hitler's Germany through study and discussion, and will actually refuse registration to any applicants who are affiliated with any hate groups. Users who post anything containing anti-Semitism, racial hatred, or ethnic cleansing, unless done in an obviously humorous, sarcastic, or satiric light, will be banned. [2]


The Nazi Furs' symbol is a black paw on a white circle against a red background.[3] The black-white-red color scheme is reminiscent of the state flag of Nazi Germany (1935-1945) and is often worn in the form of an armband.[4] According to the moderators of the group, the symbol was created not as a means of spreading hatred, or to symbolize intolerance, but in a spirit of understanding that images like the swastika could potentially cause emotional distress to some people.[5]

Related groups[edit]

Furzi, also known as Die Deutsch Furmacht, are a group of Nazi furs in the virtual world of Second Life, whileFurry Raiders are an "international base group" on Fur Affinity. Both groups have been connected to Nazi Furs based on perceived similar themes. According to a post made in the Nazi Furs Live Journal on 16 August 2017[6] the group:

Nazi Furs
is not associated with the Furry Raiders. This group is not and never was associated with the 'furzis' of Second Life. Members of those groups are their own entities and neither asked nor received any approval or support from the members of this community
Nazi Furs


In 2007, Jim Groat posted an experience he'd had with Nazi Furs at Anthrocon 2006 during which he was called a "Jew-Boy" by Nazi Furs wearing swastika armbands and other Nazi symbolism/militaria.[7]

On Reddit there are several posts about Nazi Furries on the WTF and CringeAnarchy subreddits.[8] [9] On June 25, 2010 YouTuber RNCoyote uploaded a clip of a woman arguing with a group of Nazi Furries.[10]

As of June 29, 2015, searches of DeviantArt, the online user art database, return 648 results for “Nazi Furry” and 135 results for “Furzi.” A search of Tumblr for “Nazi Furry” returns about 13 results, and a search for “Furzi” only returns a few relevant results.[11]

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