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Opening screen of episode one.

Navy Bear is a Flash-animation cartoon series which tells the story of an anthropomorphic bear, named Navy Bear (voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson), as he goes through training at the United States Naval Academy.

A production of (a web television company), the series was written and created by Jonathon Collier, John Altschuler, and Dave Krinsky.

Episode list[edit]

  • Episode 1:

A high-ranking navy official completes a telephone to the President of the United States, and sends for his son - a huge anthropomorphic brown bear. The man reveals to Navy Bear that he was adopted (much to the bear's complete surprise), and had been raised as a human. Navy Bear then also learns that he has been accepted for training in the USNA.

  • Episode 2:

Navy Bear begins basic training. At first, he is the brunt of jokes by the other cadets, but he gains their respect after helping them set a record on the obstacle course. (He uses his natural strength to throw his colleagues over the climbing wall.)

  • Episode 3:

Navy Bear discovers alcohol. Unused to its effects, he gets drunk and disgraces himself by vandalising property, falling asleep in a lecture, and throwing up in front of a rear admiral. A waitress in a bar convinces him to stick to coffee in future.

  • Episode 4:

For turning up late to football practise, Navy Bear is demoted to laundering the team's jockstraps. He is ready to quit the team entirely, but his waitress girlfriend encourages him not to. When injuries to other players force the football coach to send Navy Bear on the field, his strength wins the game for his team.

  • Episode 5:

Navy Bear and the other cadets graduate, and they celebrate by holding a clam bake. Navy Bear slow-dances with his girlfriend, which leads to an intimate encounter back at her place. The pair are interrupted when two M.P.s burst in and escort Navy Bear away without explanation.

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