National Association of Furry Fans

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National Association of Furry Fans (N.A.F.F) was a semiserious proposed notion for a furry fandom recognized group that would have controlled and dispensed "legal" Furry ID cards/badges.

As suggested by Brent Sunday on

National Association of Furry Fans
Something like (this) would require a centralized organization. Some sort of group who would provide authentication and documentation so that pirated badges could be detected and official ones could be validated. And, if the group felt it was necessary, a review committee to deny memberships to "undesirables". Such memberships probably wouldn't be called "furry" memberships. They would be memberships of this hypothetical organization. Other people would still be calling themselves furry, but an official body could endorse conventions, comics, websites, and IRC servers (sort of like how the ADA endorses some toothpastes).
National Association of Furry Fans

Another potential name for this group was the none too serious National Association of Real Furries (N.A.R.F). This idea never went past the suggestion stage.

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