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The Natamba is a fictional role-played pride on The Lion King MUCK that existed in the Golden Lands from May 2002-March 2005 and the Uzima Valley from April 2006-present.


  • 2002-January 2008 - Tahzhoo
  • January 2008-2012 - Ghedi and Sumi
  • 2012 - Ryngia
  • 2014 - Janja


As described in the official pride information, "The Natamba pride is a hospitable and tolerant pride [...] They have neither a strict hierarchy nor border guards, and they share their water and life with everyone carrying peace in their heart and truth on their tongue. By that, Uzima Valley has become a home for many refugees."[1]


The Natamba pride was founded by Tahzhoo in the Golden Lands in 2002. (Their previous owner, Balana, was toaded in February and he found himself in possession of the lands.) He had been living in his homeland of Uzima Valley since he came home and found his parents dead, eventually leaving them once he reached adulthood. Wandering took him to the Golden Lands where he was going to visit Nyanya and Balana, who he had come to know as a youth, but he found the lands abandoned. (This was due to a fire that had happened some time prior, ending Nabana's rule.) He set out to find others like himself who were lonely, and formed a small pride who ultimately came to settle in the Golden Lands and be known as the Natamba pride. Natamba means "Those who have found each other."

They stayed there until another fire broke out in 2005, where they were living homeless in Utatu for about a month, and then moved back to Tahzhoo's homeland, the Uzima Valley, following the final battle of the Kumalo conflict.

A large part of the pride broke away in May 2006 to reform the Kopje Valley Pride, which nearly saw the end of the Natamba, but it managed to stick it out and recover afterwards. Tahzhoo stepped down in January 2008 to his heirs, sons Ghedi and Sumi.

By July 2012 the king was Ryngia.

After a short reign, Ryngia's disappearance leads to Janja taking kingship in 2014, November.


The Golden Lands are about a day's travel to the southwest of the Pride Lands. The Uzima Valley is located just to the west of the Pride Lands.


The official prides information in the MUCK lists the members as of June 2019:[2]

  • King Janja
  • Lionesses: Jelani, Azizi, Mikini, Katiana, Kifana
  • Lions: Tahzhoo, Janja
  • "Young Leonines": Sara, Tahmik, Nafisa


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