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Naosu is an anthopomorphic female rabbit character from the Kaze: Ghost Warrior pilot episode which was written, produced and made solely by Timothy Albee of Timothy Albee Animation. She was partially visible in Kaze: Ghost Warrior in the back of Itsua's tavern, tending to Kaze's minor injury.

Naosu is the wife of the kind-hearted tavern owner Itsua, helps him with duties tending to the tavern and has some abilities as a healer. After Kaze successfully dispatched Yashin and his band of Enforcer thugs, Naosu helped tend to a minor wound Kaze incurred in the fight.

Itsua risks death for Naosu and the rest of his family by keeping an image of 'Bay secreted away in a locked cabinet in the back room of his tavern, and by conspiring with others he trusts to share his disdain for those who came to power in the shadows of the beloved royal family's murder.

Spelling ambiguity[edit]

Note the spelling is ambiguous; on various places, and the filename of an image for her spells her name "Naousu," but the image itself bears the name "Naosu." Because the name in the actual image likely took more time than naming the image, that spelling will be considered official in this article unless official word from Timothy Albee says otherwise.

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